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Public Speaking Events & Lectures

2009-2010 Book signing tours and speaking engagements at universities, government and non-governmental institutes and book festivals in Jordan, Lebanon, Britain, Holland, the United States, Edinburgh, Norway and Italy.

February 2010 “The Fifth Dublin Platform for Human Rights Defenders. Invited by Front Line - The International Foundation for the Protection of Human Rights Defenders,” Dublin, Ireland - Participant

November 2010 The 10th Annual Diverse Voices Family Violence Conference, Edmonton, Alberta. Invited by Diverse Voices Conference – Main Speaker

November 2010 “Violence Against Women Awareness Week at James Madison University”, Harrisonburg, Virginia. Invited by Amnesty International – Main Speaker

December 2009 "Trafficking in Women and Girls for Sexual Exploitation: Uncovering Trafficking during Conflict and Post Conflict, NCA Second Regional Meeting with a Focus on Iraq", Istanbul, Turkey. Invited by the Norwegian Church Aid – Main speaker

September 2009  “Crimes of Honour in a Mobile World, Past and Present”, Bellagio, Italy. Invited by the Rockefeller Foundation – Main Speaker

April 2009 Global UNDP Meeting on Action to Address Gender-Based Violence (GBV), Caracas, Venezuela. Invited by UNDP Gender Team - Main speaker

March 2009 The American Islamic Congress Conference, "A Modern Narrative for Muslim Women in the Middle East," Cairo, Egypt. Invited by the American Islamic Congress - Main speaker

July 2008 Training visit and meeting with European Union officials, Brussels, Belgium. Invited by the European Commission in Jordan

 July 2008 The World Justice Forum, Vienna, Austria. Organised by the American Bar Association - Participant and Rapporteur

 June 2008 International Conference on tolerance and compassions to celebrate the bicentenary of Norwegian Poet and Activist Henrik Wergeland, Oslo, Norway. Invited by The House of Literature in Oslo and Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Panel Speaker

 April 2008  4th Aljazeera International Documentary Film Festival to speak in a seminar of the film “Forbidden Lie$”, Doha, Qatar. Invited by Aljazeera TV - Speaker

 April 2008  Innovative Strategies to Address Domestic Violence: Perspectives from the Middle East, New York, United States. Invited by New York University - Speaker

 April 2008 Meeting on Strengthening Understanding on Femicide, Washington D.C., USA. Invited by PATH, Intercambios, the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Medical Research Council of South Africa (MRC) - Speaker

February 2008  Human Rights Conference, Cairo, Egypt. Invited by the Netherlands Ministry of         Foreign Affairs – Main Speaker

November 2007 The Middlebury College Fall Symposium “Faces behind Human Rights, Vermont, United States. Organised by Middlebury College – Keynote Speaker

September 2007 Workshop on “Strengthening the protection of women form torture.” Invited by the Special Rapporteur on Torture Professor Manfred Nowak. Geneva, Switzerland. Organised by the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) – Participant

 September 2007 Member of an International Election Observation Delegation for the September 7, 2007 legislative elections in Morocco, Rabat, Morocco. Organised by the National Democratic Institute – Delegation Member

July 2007 The World Justice Project’s (WJP) multidisciplinary outreach Conference, Prague, Czech Republic. Organised by the American Bar Association and Dublin City University - Participant

June 2007 Conference on Swedish and Arab Approaches to Honour Related Violence against Women, Alexandria, Egypt. Organised by the Swedish Institute, Alexandria - Main Speaker

May 2007 The Nobel Women’s Initiative’s First International Conference: Women Redefining Peace in The Middle East & Beyond. Galway, Ireland. Organised by The Nobel Women’s Initiative – Panellist

May 2007 First Annual Summit for the 21 Women’s eNews Leaders, New York, United States. Organised by Women’s eNews - Leadership Committee member.

March 2007 Conference on the Creative Use of the Media to Foster Understanding and Tolerance Doha, Qatar. Oragnised by the RAND Cooperation, Centre for Middle East Public Policy – Main Speaker

December 2006 Conference on ‘Honour’ Killing: How many more? London, UK. Oragnised by the Iranian and Kurdish Women’s Rights Organisation – Chair of the Conference.

March 2006 Regional conference on the “Successes of Women as Leaders of Change,” Manama, Bahrain. Invited by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Bahrain and the United States Department of State Middle East Partnership Initiative - Speaker

March 2006 Women in the Mediterranean: working for the future conference, Seville, Spain. Invited by Fundacion Tres Culturas - Speaker

February 2006 Promoting Exchange between NGOs, media and researchers from the ME and new EU member states conference, Prague, Czeck Republic. Invited by Institute Pontes, Pax Christi International, Protestant Thelogical Faculty, Charles University – Speaker

November 2005 Euromed Women’s Conference Barcelona +10 on the occasion of the Barcelona Process, Barcelona, Spain. Invited by the Catalonian government - Speaker

September 2005 Regional Conference on Violence against Women, Islamabad, Pakistan. Invited by the Pakistani government. The conference was opend by President Perves Musharaf

March 2005 International Conference on Honour Based Violence, London, UK. Invited by the Metropolitan Police Service and the Police Standards Unit at the Home Office - Speaker

December 2004 International Conference on Combating patriarchal Violence against women – Focusing on Violence in the Name of Honour, Stockholm, Sweden. Invited by the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Justice – Panel Speaker

October 2004 European Conference on Honour Related Violence within a Global Perspective, Stockholm, Sweden. Invited by Kvinnoforum – Main Speaker at the opening session that was attended by HM Queen Sylvia

October 2004 Amnesty International Panels at the International Frankfurt Book Fair, Frankfurt, Germany. Invited by Amnesty International - Main Speaker

October 2003 Human Rights Defenders on the Frontlines of Freedom, Atlanta, USA. Invited by the Carter Center –Speaker

April 2001 The 57th Commission on Human Rights, Geneva, Switzerland. Invited by the World Organisation Against Torture – Submitted a briefing on “Crimes Against Women Committed in the Name of Honour”

February 2001 The Public Affairs Symposium on Crime and Punishment, Dickinson College, Pennsylvania, USA – Addressed the symposium and the Middle Eastern Club on the Practice of Honour killings in the Middle East

March 2000 Feminist Expo 2000, organised by the Feminist Majority Foundation, Baltimore, USA – Addressed the symposium on “Stopping Gender-based Violence”

February 1999 A symposium entitled "The Mediterranean woman: differing cultures, universal rights," organised by the Italian Prime Minister's Office of the National Commission for Equal Rights and Opportunities, Naples, Italy – Addressed the conference on the "Status of Jordanian Women's Human Rights"

February – Lectured on several occasions on "Crimes of Honour in Jordan," upon invitation from the
March 1999 Diplomatic Women’s Club, British Ladies of Amman, American Women of Amman, Rotary Club and Rotar-Act Club, Amman, Jordan

December 1998 Human Rights Defenders Summit, invited by Amnesty International, France Liberte, the International Movement of ATD Fourth World and the International Federation of Human Rights Leagues, Paris, France

March 1998 Lectured on "Honour Killings in Jordan," organised by the Middle East Institute at Columbia University, New York, USA

November 1997 Presented a paper on "The Image of the West in Islamic Countries: Old prejudices- New Cliches” at a seminar in Berlin, Germany, organised by the Konrad Adenauer Foundation

September 1996 Seminar on "Violence in Schools, " organised by the Society of Social Development Center, Amman, Jordan. Presented paper on "Crimes of Honour in Jordan"

November 1994 Addressed an open forum on the "Recent political developments in the Middle East & Women in the Middle East," organised by the Asia Center of Japan, Tokyo, Japan